Maxvue® Shades

Maxvue Shades is designed mainly for outdoor purposes such as sports. The limited vision of shades when wearing sunglasses can be overcome now with our new Maxvue Shades.

Maxvue® IRIS

Prosthetic contact lens

Maxvue® SoftColours

Whether you want to turn heads, or just make your eyes match your mood,  MAXVUE® SoftColours Contact Lenses bring a natural looking burst of color to your eyes – with or without vision correction. Offer exceptional comfort, easy handling, outstanding visual quality and UV blocking .  

Maxvue Rx Toric

Maxvue® Rx Toric is designed for patients with astigmatism. Rx Toric is individually made for precise vision correction even for patients who require very high degree of correction. The advanced back Toric design features enhanced stability, prevents lens rotation and precise axis correction resulting in crisp vision. Our patented Hydrogel material delivers plenty of oxygen for full day comfort and healthier vision. 


Premium contact lenses for your eye health

Are you experiencing eye redness, eye sore and dryness after wearing contact lenses? We hear you!

Maxvue Hydrosoft™

Absolutely comfort and clear

New to contact lenses? Looking for a new brand of contact lenses?