Maxvue® Shades

Maxvue Shades is designed mainly for outdoor purposes such as sports. The limited vision of shades when wearing sunglasses can be overcome now with our new Maxvue Shades.

It covers your whole vision with mild tint to reduce glare, which gives athletes an edge over their competition while ensuring the user has a more convenient and comfortable outdoor events.

It specifically blocks excess brightness, which makes these lenses similar to sunglasses, except in contact lens form. Suitable for sports played under the bright sun, and are frequently worn by runners, surfers, bikers, volleyball players, and soccer players. Ready to replace and overcome the limitations of sunglasses.


max shades


Comparison between MAXVUE® SHADES and sunglasses





100% safe optical tints that absorb in to the lens matrix and are fixed using activating technology
43% Water,
57% Hydrogel Terpolymer
Plano (0.00)
B.C 8.6mm, DIA 14.0mm (Tinted area: 4.0mm)
3 Months