Discover a World of Comfort with Maxvue 1DAY Comfort Lenses

Are you tired of the discomfort that comes with wearing contact lenses? Is the hassle of cleaning and storing your lenses every day getting old?

We get it; your vision should be crystal clear, and your eyes should feel refreshed throughout the day. It’s time to put an end to lens-related problems.

Introducing Maxvue 1DAY Comfort - The Solution You've Been Waiting For!

Bid farewell to midday discomfort. Maxvue 1DAY Comfort lenses are designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort, ensuring your eyes stay fresh and irritation-free.

Features That Set Maxvue 1Day Comfort Apart

Full Day Comfort

Our lenses are engineered to retain moisture, guaranteeing you comfortable eyes even during those long days.

Patented Hydrogel Material

Our revolutionary hydrogel material is protected by a patented technology, ensuring unmatched quality and performance.

UV Protection

We care about your eye health. Maxvue lenses come with built-in UV protection, guarding your eyes against harmful rays.

High Oxygen Permeability

Experience the ultimate in comfort and eye health with our contact lenses, boasting exceptional oxygen permeability to keep your eyes feeling fresh all day.

Low Dehydration

Discover unparalleled moisture and comfort with our contact lenses, featuring a high water content that keeps your eyes hydrated and refreshed, even during extended wear.

CE Approved

Our contact lens product proudly bears the CE approval, a testament to its compliance with stringent European quality and safety standards, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction.


Powers-0.50 to -10.00 (in 0.50 steps after -6.00)
Water content57%
Packaging30 lenses per box
FittingBC: 8.6, DIA: 14.3mm
ReplacementDaily Disposable

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