Key Features

Max OptiFresh Bioplus Moisturizing & Comfort Drops is a specially formulated drops that is used in the treatment of dry and sensitive eyes for all soft contact lens wearers. Formulated with higher concentration of HA which can hold 1000x more water than it’s own weight ensures the eyes are moist and lubricated longer than using any regular eye drops. This result in lasting comfort and efficient ocular surface protection.

Eye-Drop Application of Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is an innovative new visco-enhancer for use in topical eye drops. HA naturally exist in human body tissues. It forms viscous moisture cushion that is renewed with each blink and helps eyes stay comfortable. HA is one of the most efficient molecules found in nature in absorbing moisture from the air. Hydrated HA can contain up to 1000 times more water than its weight, which makes it lock in moisture, lubricate and coat the surface of the eye providing a long lasting protection to the eye surface. Studies show that HA can relieve various dry eye symptoms by prolonging the stability of the pre-corneal tear film. HA can also promote wound healing thus reducing the healing time of the eye surface.

Water-Binding Capacity of HA

Overall, various scientific studies show that HA samples bind very high amounts of water: 4-5g/g. When topically applied to the eye, Hyaluronic acid enhances water retention on the corneal surface and increases corneal wettability thanks to its superior water retention properties.

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