See the world in vibrant colour with RedChroma Contact Lenses!

Struggling to differentiate colours? RedChroma lenses help you see colours clearly and accurately.

What is colour blindness?

Colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency, makes it difficult for individuals to distinguish certain colours due to issues with the eye’s colour-detecting cells. It can be inherited or acquired later in life and is more common in men. Red-green and blue-yellow colour blindness are the most prevalent types. In daily life, it can lead to challenges such as difficulty with traffic lights, maps, and clothing selection, as well as impacting social interactions and self-esteem.

Comparison between colour-blind vision and normal vision

Introducing Maxvue® RedChroma Contact Lenses

Our lenses feature a red circle positioned over your pupil. This red hue enriches the vibrancy of surrounding colours and accentuates details in your field of vision. It enhances clarity and vibrancy, enriching your overall visual perception.


Why Choose RedChroma?

Comfortable Fit

Crafted for all-day wear, RedChroma Contact Lenses prioritize your comfort without compromising on performance. Whether you’re tackling daily tasks or embarking on new adventures, enjoy uninterrupted clarity and ease throughout your day.

See Colours Better

With RedChroma lenses, you can effortlessly differentiate between colours that might otherwise appear similar or indistinct. Experience the richness and depth of the world’s palette with enhanced colour perception.

UV Protection

We care about your eye health. Maxvue lenses come with built-in UV protection, guarding your eyes against harmful rays.

See True Colors Again

RedChroma contact lenses provide a distinct advantage over traditional color-blind glasses. Unlike color-blind glasses, which force you to view everything through a single color, complicating daily tasks, RedChroma offers a simpler solution. By wearing just one lens on your dominant eye, you can experience full color vision once more.


FittingDIA 14.3mm, BC 8.6mm
Packaging1 lens per box
PowerPlano (0.00)

Disclaimer: Red Chroma Contact Lenses are designed for colour vision deficiency. Consult your eye care professional before use.

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