Private Label

Own Your Branded Contact Lenses

with UK certified Contact lens Manufacturer

 Wide experience in building own brand labeling of contact lenses for local & international corporations.

We’ll help you produce reputable products by using sensory evaluations, physical testing and consumer preference testing to provide third-party verification of your product’s quality.

Our Package Includes

Custom Design

Custom Design
Make your product exclusive, adding your unique design or the name of your brand.

After Sales Support

After Sales Support
Expertly trained teams providing customer service, on-the-spot training and support ensuring top-quality standards, fast problem resolution.

Medical Device Legislation

Medical Device Legislation
With us, you will not only get your private label brand product but also invaluable advice and support on medical legislation when it is time to place your product in the market.

Marketing Aid

Marketing Material Aid
We will help you to design marketing material based on what you want to achieve through your marketing activities.

Market Research

Market Research
With wide industry experience and global coverage in over 72 countries, we can help you to understand your competitive landscape and its potential disruptors.

Packaging & Logo Design

Packaging & Logo Design
We provide free product packaging design also includes the design of labels, graphics, colours, fonts, and images used on the packaging.

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Why doing Private Label with Maxvue?

See what makes our lens safer.

MAXVUE lenses are made only from materials approved by US FDA. All colour pigments used are non- toxic and free from any side effect.

MAXVUE lenses are produced in a state-of-art production facility in clean room environment and conforms to European CE requirements.

MAXVUE lenses are 100% checked at every stage of production to ensure they are defect-free.

Every lens that leaves our production is sterilized at 121°C to ensure its totally free from any harmful bacteria and fungus.

Maxvue contact lenses are made only with US FDA approved materials. Our proprietary double coating sandwich and 3 stages pressurized curing processes ensure colour materials are firmly locked and never get in contact with eyes. Phantasee lenses are safe without any side effects.

Certification & Approvals

Canadian CAMCAS

Singapore HSA

Australia TGA

European (EU) CE mark

Russian Roszdravnadzor


Malaysia MDA

New Zealand MEDSAFE

Spain MDS

The Most Recommended by Optometrist Worldwide

Clear / Tinted Contact Lenses

• Materials : Hydrogel Terpolymer or Silicone Hydrogel
• With Power / Prescription up to -15.00 or +6.00
• Bandage lenses (Plano) Diameter in mm: 14.0 , 14.2, BC : 8.6 and 8.5
• Daily, Monthly and Yearly Replacement.

Multi Purpose Solution and Eye Drops

• Cleaning Multi Purpose solution in HPMC or HPMC + HA formula 60ml, 120ml, 360ml and 500ml
• Rewetting eye drops in HPMC or HPMC + HA formula 10ml and 30ml

Private Label Customers Maxvue Vision

Get ready with your own private label business now.

Build your business empire with us.